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A New Approach
Video and Data Analytics for Safety and Security

Welcome, we’re aiSEEit We’re disrupting the security and safety industry with our groundbreaking solutions, innovative ideas and creative business approach.

Our technology seamlessly connects with IP cameras, motion sensors, radars, and more. Use our cloud-based solutions and watch the powerful aiSEEit predict based on Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning and anomaly analytics.

Our systems are ideal for a variety of applications:

  • Securing peripheral compounds and prison cells

  • Prisoner behavior tracking and counting

  • Elderly home safety

  • Crowd safety

aiSEEit is highly customizable. Our team works around the clock to customize the aiSEEit system to meet your needs.

Curious to find out more? Browse through our website and get in touch if you would like to request a demo. (future option)


Our Products


iAIcare - Elderly Safety

  • Fall Detection

  • Abnormal behavior Recognition

  • Fall Prediction


Smart Prison Cells

  • Prisoners Counting

  • Abnormal behavior Recognition

  • energy and water management

  • Cameras and Sensors Integration



  • Pedestrians Crosswalk Safety

  • Traffic Counting and Management

  • Double Parking Detection

  • LPR


Perimeter Security

  • No False Alarms!!!

  • Combined Sensors and Cameras Analysis

  • No Human Setup - Auto-configuration

  • Indoor and Outdoor

Unprecedented Accuracy. Impeccable Reliability.

Accurate and Reliable

Multi-Layer Platform for Incredible Accuracy


At aiSEEit, we understand what being accurate and providing a reliable solution means.

When aiSEEit recognizes an intrusion, it also considers that the intruder might not be recognized using a standard neural network method.

When aiSEEit recognizes an older adult falling out of bed, it also considers that they might have fallen while being covered by their blanket.

When aiSEEit needs to track and predict the fall of an older adult in the shower, it also considers that a standard camera may not function properly and conditions may block the sensor visibility.

By creating a pattern for each scenario and environment, PropheSEE recognizes any change in the object and environment using every available input and Reinforcement learning. Then aiSEEit provides a remarkably accurate analysis while filtering any false alarms.

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