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Elderly Safety and Fall Detection

iAIcare is a revolutionary AI that is designed to learn the behavior patterns of our elderly beloved ones and recognize emergency situations such as fall detection, panic or other emergency concerns.

Our system is a solution for the post hospitalization care, nursing home care and retirement facilities to assist their residents and give them a feeling of independence, not depending on anybody, this is done by offering a reliable and affordable fall detection solution.

By using sensors and cameras, the system detects any unusual activity.

iAIcare is a powerful automated system with strong auto configurable capabilities.

After placing the sensors and cameras on their supposed location, the system then detects it's environment and start to collect data.

waling area, furniture or any other objects that might become an obstacle for an older person, are mapped into the system and the system would constantly monitor those objects, even if they were relocated.

Emergency and Fall Detection

Privacy Is on Our Priority

Keeping our beloved ones privacy is as important as to keep their safety.

iAIcare will not allow anyone to have any type of access to the camera view in fact the system will delete any records except for emergency records.

Viewing a recorded event on iAIcare, is blocked by default and can be approved only by granting administration rights per case by a one time use code, provided by aiseeit customer support.

iAIcare default configuration setup records fall detection or emergency detection videos at 25% blurriness. That parameter can be defined differently to each area of the frame.

Woman helping an elderly man with shopping

Full Features List

iAIcare is a fall and emergency detection system for use in private houses, nursing homes and hospitals. It is easy to install, easy to use and endowed with a very simple graphical interface that allows you to visualize at any time the status of your beloved ones. seated/lying down in its bed or elsewhere, walking, and also able to be detect emergency situations hidden behind objects as sofas or tables or fall of bed while still covered with their blanket.

Control and Management Software

aiSEEit Software - under constraction

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