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Perimeter Security

The goal of every alarm system is to detect 100% of any type of perimeter breach while keeping false alarms as close to zero as possible.

The task is complicated and parameters change constantly: day vs. night, summer vs. winter, indoor vs. outdoor and more.

​Most smart systems use only one type of device, usually cameras, which work by attempting to detect humans or moving vehicles. While doing so, the device is also trying to filter additional data, struggling to avoid small and large animals, birds, spiders, etc.

aiSEEit takes intrusion detection to a higher level.

aiSEEit auto-configuration capabilities auto-detect the floor, door, windows and various types of objects in any given area, indoor and outdoor.

​Using this information, aiSEEit not only recognizes any human, vehicle or animal, but also detects, marks and follows any object in the area. Any intrusion is accurately reported by detecting anomalies in the vicinity.

NO! False Alarms + 100% Detection

Auto Configuration

aiSEEit can be connected to any type of camera, old or new, analog or IP, with optical lenses or thermal sensors.

aiSEEit can be auto-configured when working in indoor and outdoor environments.

aiSEEit has the ability to recognize almost 100 objects, plus the ability to recognize humans and animals.

aiSEEit quickly tracks unknown movement and assigns it an object, taking note of its characteristics while registering and monitoring. ​When any unrecognized object disappears in one area/camera and later shows up in another coverage area/camera, aiSEEit is able to follow it.

​The idea behind this configuration is that objects that are supposed to stay steady during the arming period can NEVER move alone.


Technology infrastructure scheme - Therma, Radar, Imaging, Light, Acoustic, Magnetic, Seismic, Water Flow, HVAC, Humid


We at aiSEEit believe that no matter great our video data analysis is, it will never be 100% safe.

Additional integration with more devices is required.

​Sensors such as microwave, PIR, acoustic and seismic are always part of aiSEEit.

aiSEEit's proven electronics allow easy and low-cost connections between various sensors and communication lines and provide each sensor with a unique digital address.

aiSEEit analyses the entire collection of cameras and sensors as one source, resulting in 100% detection success and 0 (zero) false alarms.

Control and Management Software

aiSEEit Software - under constraction

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